Saturday, June 21, 2008

"OBAMA: From Promise to Power" now available in paperback

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Ms Cris said...

Hi, am from India. Read the book from a library. Found it quite interesting. Having absolutely no idea about the world happenings in general, the book proved quite helpful to know and understand Obama. Thanks!

Ms Cris said...

Actually I read the child version of the book, A Promise Of Change. :-)

Anonymous said...

i am halfway through your book. how do you feel about current campaign and polls? --sp

felice manti said...

Hi. My name is Felice Manti, I'm an Italian journalist and I would like to have an interview with you about Obama. Is it possible? Please write me

Rick Nagel said...

Dear Mr. Mendell:

I am thoroughly enjoying – in the few days preceding the election – reading your first-rate work on Barack Obama, one which nicely complements his own books, which I read at the beginning of the campaign.

One thing you may wish to communicate to Senator (and, hopefully, President-elect beginning this coming week): the quote that he says is his favorite MLK quote(page 227 of the paperback edition of your book), and is also one of my favorites from any source), “the arc of the moral universe is long, But it bends toward justice,” is not MLK’s. Rather, it is that of the nineteenth century abolitionist Theodore Parker (for corroboration, see Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age. by Kevin Boyle, concerning the 1925 Ossian Sweet case Detroit, which won a 2004 National Book Award).

Sincerely yours,

Rick Nagel
Mercer Island, WA

Rick Nagel said...

You quote Barack agin attributing the "arc of justice" quote to King, at page 331.

Kirra said...

People should read this.

mathilde said...

I was interning for 2 months in the US, at the perfect period of the election... Thanks for this book! ;-) Would love to read on this blog your comments regarding all this election campaign, the results and the future.
Thanks in advance.
Wish you all the best!

Mberenis said...

Obama has already made lending for middle and lower class citizens before he's in the white house! Amazing, read more below..

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Sergio said...

Hi, my name is Sergi Gomez. I work as correspodent in Washington for El Tiempo newspaper, that runs out of bogotá, Colombia. I also represent other 10 newspapers across latin america. Wish to contact you about youre book. My emial is

Darlene D. Pope said...

Hi Mr. Mendell,
Thanks for your biography of President-Elect Barack Obama. You provide an outsider's perspective of Barack & Michelle's relationship, which makes me admire them even more for the love & respect they have for one another. Since I read both of President Obama's books, I have been searching for more writings about this extraordinary man & family. Do you plan to publish a book about the 2008 Presidential elections? I would be interested in reading about your experience.

StillOnyx said...

Hi from Onyx in Atlanta. I'm so happy to see that you have written the next book! Let's discuss it further. You can reach me at

Sharan Media said...

Hello, I am currently writing my dissertation on Barack Obama and his use of New Media, and would appreciate any answers to my survey online.

Thank you for your time,



Anonymous said...

Just finished your book. I really enjoyed it, interesting and readable. I live in Chicago and I'm very frustated with Mayor Daley and Alderman Tunney who just goes along with the Mayor (parking meter deal, Olympics).

I was impressed with Inspector General Hoffman with how he stood up to Mayor Daley with the report. Inspector Hoffman is supported by Fitzgerald which is great. I'm interested in learning more about Fitzgerald and I think he sets a great example.

Any thoughts on these issues? Are you working on anything now?