Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"OBAMA: From Promise to Power" is in stores

Obama: From Promise to Power
"Obama: From Promise to Power" is now available in stores or online at Amazon.com


Josephine said...

I have just completed your book and it supplied me with a reading experience like no other. A great fan of biographies, I have read many a book on icons, idols and idealists but their literary abilities pale in comparison to your genius.
Your story is set against the edifice of your journalistic integrity, making it authentic and credible. Your story is also as informative as it is entertaining, a difficult fete in writing that you have accomplished with flair. That you also weave together a tapestry of a great man is certainly a bonus - I am a great fan of Obama's.
Your description of Obama's trip in Kenya struck a cord with me because I was there at the time of his trip and I watched the brouhaha, albeit from a safe distance. I also relate with your account of the sideshow because I am Kenyan.
I hope you decide to shadow and chronicle other leaders of our time. Reading your book has enriched me greatly and I will recommend it to my friends.

Obama Fan said...

Obama just joined www.redroom.com, online writers community. Great content -- check it out. Maybe you'll want to apply yourself...


The truth is always revolutionary said...

You book was so incredibly poignantly, dilligently, honestly and beautifully written. I am from South Africa and I have been following the career of Obama since he entered into the Senate and I am an avid Obama enthusiast. I enjoyed every minute of it and found it difficult to put down. In particular, I appreciate the rigorous detail about Obama's early career of which the world knows too little about. There are minor descriptions and moments of 'political incorrectness' that may be my only discord, of which I am happy to discuss with you in a forum not so public. Nevertheless, your work on Obama is a a political masterpiece that marries honesty, non-partisanship and it is very difficult to doubt the veracity of everything you write and detail.

tangerine said...

What a wonderfully thoughtful and inclusive book. I just purchased the young reader's edition "Promise of Change" to include in my 8 year old granddaughter's January birthday present, themed "Obama's presidency makes history". Thank you for these timely and informative reads. Any chance the birthday book can be autographed? Great interview on Obama's biography, also!

notstupid said...
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